Journal October 25 - November 8, 1962

Jean-Pierre Leroy
October 29—I baptized Jean-Pierre Leroy last evening, in observance of his eighth birthday. We held the service in the Davirons’ back yard, with 47 people in attendance, despite the chilly and stormy weather. Everybody who was there says that there was a flash of lightning at the exact moment when I put J-P under the water; they interpret this as a good omen. I was busy and didn’t notice.

November 6—After a disappointing Tuesday— Brother Hasoppe was supposed to come but didn’t; so we missed a whole day of appointments and didn’t know until the next day [215] that he’d been called away urgently to Brussels, and that his explanatory letter had become lost—we now finally have him. He’s at the hotel (chez Jack), and Elders Skidmore and Louder came to sleep at our place. They’re working with Elders Peterson and Keddington, while I drive the big, ugly, black Citroën to get done the tasks of a very busy day.

November 7— Brother Hasoppe left at 5 p.m. yesterday, having seen everything that we had to show him. His decision was (and still is, I hope) to recommend the purchase of the property on the rue de Fougères, and the construction of a temporary building to house the branch until the chapel is complete. This seems like a good solution to our problem, which becomes more and more urgent. Now we’ve got to get the necessary permits from the French government, from President Hinckley, from President Tanner, from the General [216] Building Committee, and finally from the Prophet!

And today is the seventeenth day after my anniversary at Rennes. Which means that I’m now the missionary who has stayed in one Breton city for the longest time. Elder Spice held the record for exactly seventeen days after his departure from Nantes, the very day of my anniversary here.

We enjoyed today the pleasure of a whole day of proselytizing, like real missionaries. How delightful it was to tract again! Found several interesting people, and we’ll see whether they’re sincere.

November 8—Just had a very touching experience. Sister Leroy had let me know that she’d like me to meet her after (her) work this evening. So I arranged to be there with Hubert at 11 p.m. Elder Aldridge had to attend a Relief Society gathering [217] this evening, and so I was all alone at home. When we met, Sister Leroy said that she was worried about my health: I’d gone on two trips on district business and had returned sick each time. So she brought me some fortifying medicaments which should, said she, protect me from getting sick again! And I‘ll take them, though it’ll be with more confidence in the value of my “French Mama’s” loving prayers than in the efficacy of her elixirs.

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