Journal July 4-6, 1962
July 4—So we celebrate the Fourth of July by going to Paris! American flags everywhere–it seems that the French like to remember the independence they helped us gain.

We got there late, because brother Molina was again making baptizable noises, and we didn’t want to miss any opportunities.

President Moyle was utterly inspired in what he told us. We caught the last [161] half from his own lips, and then the rest from a tape recording, the next morning. He showed us the disadvantage under which the Catholic Church labors, with its system of councils to determine doctrine. The true church has the advantage of not having to consult people’s opinions on such matters.

After three hours from President Moyle, President Hinckley introduced the fourteen new missionaries who had just arrived from the States. Then he announced that some districts would be reorganized to provide places for these new folks to work. Then, after the conference, Elder Skidmore announced that Robins will move to Tours as senior companion to one of the newcomers, and that I’d stay at Rennes to care for another.
July 5—We returned and got ready to welcome our new comrades. By the way, Sister Hess is leaving also, to Paris, and [162] she’ll be replaced by another newcomer. I didn’t sleep last night, what with nervousness and apprehension. How am I going to handle this new responsibility? I absolutely must, but it isn’t going to be easy.

July 6—They’re here! Elder Daniel Thomas Aldridge, Jr. , and Sister Joan Huish arrived at half past noon. Elder Aldridge is young, short, likable, and very enthusiastic; I’m sure he’s going to be a splendid companion. We’re going to have to spend the rest of the day taking care of his government formalities. Probably need most of tomorrow for that, too.

Elder Dan Aldridge.
Not sure what’s with the bike: we never used one.
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