Journal July 7-12, 1962

A spot in the Parc du Thabor
where we used to like to do our after-lunch study class.
July 7—This morning, we did an hour and a half of tracting in the rue des Dames,1 the oldest street in Rennes, whose buildings date to the fifteenth century. Not bad tracting: Elder Aldridge’s heart is really in the work, and that’s good. [163]

July 112—Elder Aldridge and I get along well, so far. We haven’t had a ton of success, but we’re doing our best to follow the plan as it has been given to us, and we trust that our efforts will be blessed, as soon as we’re ready. For the first time in my mission, my companion and I are holding the prescribed study class together every morning from 8 until we hit the streets at 9, with a similar hour each afternoon. Tracting takes all morning (3 hours), and then an hour in the afternoon. The rest of our time goes to return visits and cottage meetings.

Elder Aldridge learns his duties very quickly and applies himself to them diligently; the language comes easily to him, as well: his pronunciation is already better than Elder Dave Bennion’s, although that isn’t saying much.

Elder Halliday just yelled from the [164] kitchen that I’d better put his name in my journal. I threatened to sent his name to the John Birch Society.

July 12—The two of us went into the woods to pray by ourselves, and to talk about our duties. We read Lehi’s dream in the Book of Mormon, as well as the fourth section of the Doctrine and Covenants. Then we prayed together for divine help in our work. Myself, I received a strong feeling of renewed strength. Our work is soon going to proceed as it should.
1This was the street where Sister Cholet lived. Don’t miss the story of the goose.
2Didn’t then know that this was our Minus-Second Wedding Anniversary!
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