Journal July 19-23, 1962

Elder Aldridge and friend.
July 19—The biggest change I’ve sensed in myself from becoming a senior companion (“grand champignon = cêpe”) is that I’m no longer timid about approaching people, nor about telling them what I have to tell them. This change has come about rather suddenly, so that I discern it only more clearly. Formerly, I was rather timid, fearing to accept the responsibility of speaking or of showing myself. Now, I seem to be rid of all that, and I speak to people with more boldness.

[166] The other day, we met once again Mme Barot, a lady who had given Elder Higley and me a couple of referrals on our first contact. Now she’s given us six more and listened, with her friend, to our first discussion. Now she’s the best investigator we have, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see her baptized before the end of the month.

July 20—[166] Nine months. Well…

Mme Barot had a heart attack after we left, the other day, but she’s better now.

Claude Leroy just announced that he’s off on a chapel-building mission. He’s very excited about it; so are we, of course. This will be one of the greatest experiences of the whole family’s life, and of his.

July 23—Everything’s going fast; our days are really busy, just now, which doesn’t leave us a lot of time to rest. Oh well, Mormon life is like that.
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