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Mary appears to send this heartbreaking letter from the “Read Home,” but she seems to threaten to “Return & againe Spedely for Releife…”

We know that she enjoyed Ralph Reed’s hospitality for a month, but that was a year earlier. We also know that Ralph Reed was a prominent citizen of Woburn and a sometime legal adversary of Michael Bacon.

The explanatory tag (below) asserts that she wrote from Rhode Island: did the Reeds have another home there? Or was there more than one Reed family? Or were the microfilmers simply mistaken?

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Francis Brayton, on the other hand, who carried the letter to Bacon, was clearly a Rhode Islander. Diane Rapaport says that Mary’s “Watertown cousin, Joseph Peirce, married a Brayton woman from Portsmouth [Rhode Island], whose parents still lived there.”*
*New England Ancestors 7 (2006) 2: 55.
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