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By 1671, 9GF John Ball had resided at Lancaster for several years; he and his second Elizabeth (whom he married in 1665, at the death of the crazy one, our ancestor) had four years more to live there, before Indian tomahawks would put an end to their mortal hopes and sorrows.

But he still had some legal rights and obligations with regard to his Watertown family. In the second month (probably April—Old Style) of the year, he complained to the Middlesex County Court that Michael Bacon had “carried” his daughter out of the jurisdiction without his permission:
To the Marshall of the County or his Deputy

In his Ma[je]sties name, you are required to Apprehend the body of Michael Bacon Junr and bring him before one of the Mag[istra]ts to answr the complaynt of Jno. Ball for carrying Mary Baall his Daughter out of the Jurisdiction without his order. as for witnesses such as the sd Baall shall name to you. & the sd Baal to appear with him at the same time And hereof you are to make a true returne under your hand & faile not.

Dat. 5-2-1671  Thomas Danforth R.
By E????? hearoff I Alleyne Irons ffowrd my Lawffull Deputy for the Execution of this warrant…The 5 2 71…Edward Mitchellson Marshall
It was also apparently part of legal due process for John to submit a statement of the costs that Bacon’s misbehavior had imposed on him. It’s hard to read the state of John’s mind from such a laconic little document, but I fancy that he may have thought that “costs” were a bit off the subject. Bills of charges usually bear concrete numbers of shillings and pence. “Troubles in the matter”, indeed…
  John Balls bill of charges

To three dayes charges beside other troubles
 in the matter
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