Journal May 8-21, 1962
May 8 (continued) The mother and sister of Yves Daviron will be baptized this afternoon at [136] the Lande d’Ouée. We’ll go and report the event.

May 14—Yolande, Christiane, and Josianne Leblanc and Janine Gessen want to be baptized, but their parents won’t permit it. They came to Sacrament Meeting last evening –part of a congregation of 46– and spent the whole evening with very long faces. Only Yolanda managed to keep a happy face, but when we came up to her after the meeting, she lost control and cried like her sisters. It’s sweet to see the repentant spirit of these girls, but it’s hard to believe their parents’ wickedness.

M. Molina is most discouraged, just now. His health isn’t too good, and that saps his initiative to study the Gospel. We’re going very gently with him.

I’m starting to show Claude Leroy how to keep the branch records, since I may well leave town any day now. He learns quickly, and he seems [137] to enjoy his new duties.

May 15Hubert Leroy did some very good MJM work, last evening. at 7 p.m., we asked him to visit the Molinas to meet the son and to try to bring the family to our group meeting at Leroys’ at 8. They came, all three of them, and M. Molina remarked that Hubert is very nice and that he hopes he’ll be a good friend to his son, who needs better companions than he’s had. The discussion went well, and we’ll soon have several baptisms.

A propos, the missionary sisters are going this afternoon to get Mme Gessen’s permission for Janine’s baptism. We’ll work on M. Leblanc to get a similar concession.

May 18—Seven months!— one more step on the ladder, and too soon for my taste.

Another baptism at the lake, yesterday, this time that of a young woman of the [138] Gervais family. Lynn Bennion baptized her, at 7 in the morning!

May 21—Seven months in Rennes, as of yesterday, and here I am, still. Oh well, so much the better!

The Elders Bennion baptized another four yesterday afternoon: Annick and Andrée Hugon, and Henri and Jean Daviron. With these new members, we have 99 Mormons in Rennes.

M. Molina came to the Sunday School meeting: his first official meeting. After the service, he approached President Renaud to see about ordering a hymn-book. Then he asked us if it would be possible for him to be baptized on Tuesday with the Gessen kids. We’re not about to turn him down, of course!

By the way, the Gessens have parental permission for their baptism, whereas the Leblancs are firmly refusing, just now.
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