Journal February 6-16, 1962

Nelly Leroy
February 6—It’s getting harder and harder to find a moment to write here. The work is pretty routine and frantic at the same time. We don’t report as many proselytizing hours as we’d like to, because we’ve been assigned to find a new meeting-place. We’ve followed up on fifteen possibilities, but their prices are high. When we suggest something to the authorities in Paris, moreover, it takes them so long to respond that somebody else buys it ahead of us. Property’s scarce at Rennes just now, and the buyer needs to be able to move quickly.

One happy note: we haven’t yet finished baptizing the Leroy family. Claude-Gérard will be baptized, maybe Sunday, two weeks from now.

Elder Higley blessed Nelly Leroy Sunday evening. She’ll turn three on the 17th of this month.

I’ve started reading “les Doctrines et Alliances.”

February 15—What a birthday! Very eventful:
  1. Lots of letters and cards from family and friends.
  2. Held a cottage meeting with a fellow who seems sincere. His family numbers five.
  3. Finally managed to sell my Mobylette.
  4. Spent the evening at the movies. Saw “The Ten Commandments,” with a pretty girl on my lap! How cute Nelly was, this evening! I hope my children will be as well-behaved.
  5. Elder Higley has received his transfer, and he’ll leave tomorrow for Seraing, Belgium.

February 16—Went to Angers for an all-day conference of the missionaries in Brittany. We were having a testimony meeting, and a stranger came in through the back door and took a seat. Elder Miller was speaking, and he immediately switched to French. All the rest of us followed suit. The Spirit was marvelous.

Elder Higley left this morning at 8:30, leaving our room in an incredibly disorderly state. I’m hoping we’ll be neater, now.

Indeed, when we got back around 6:00, there was my new companion, Elder M. Clinton Robins II, from Eden, Utah. He’s already started to cleanse the Augean stable, and I think I’m going to like him a lot.
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