Journal February 17-27, 1962
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Elder Mont Clinton Robins II
February 17Claude Leroy came to Rennes today; he also came to the monthly branch party and accepted a challenge to be baptized. We’ll baptize him tomorrow evening; he’ll be the fifth member of his family to join the Church.

February 18Claude Gérard Théophile Leroy was baptized 18 February 1962 by Elder Robins, and then confirmed by Elder Anderson.

February 22President Renaud has called me as his second counselor. I’ll do my best to deserve the honor. There’s nothing I’d rather do.

February 24—We’re learning how to teach the Gospel in group meetings, and it’s our investigators who are teaching us! The other day, our tracting took us to the door of Mme Veuve (widow) Maryvonne Salomon, of 21bis, rue Gurvant. She received us very well, remarking that it was a pity that we didn’t have more people present to hear our first-contact message! When we returned this evening, she had a gentleman there whom she had invited. She apologized, and promised to have many more there next time.

We also met the Zanus family at number 3 of the same street. Two daughters from this half-Italian family came to our branch party this evening, as did Mme Salomon. We had a good time, and the Zanus girls promised to come to the Monday evening meeting at Mme Salomon’s.

Claude-Gérard Leroy

February 27—The meeting at Mme Salomon’s last evening was a bit disorganized, because we didn’t know ahead of time just who would come. Ten people were there, and some of them received our message well. Mme Salomon and the Zanus family are still our best contacts.

Elder David Bennion, older brother of my old friend Lynn, is now our supervising elder. The old Indian is on his trunks in Lille for the few remaining weeks of his mission.

Yet another conference in Angers for the missionaries in Brittany. It was for setting Elder Bennion apart and giving us our marching orders, as usual.

Not sure when Dave and Elaine McMeen coincided for a photo. Must have been a missionary conference. It’s he: his mouth’s open.
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