La Branche de Rennes
Left to right, Pierre Desquines; Jean Fruchet; [unrecognizable partial face]; Daniel “Joseph Fielding” Valton; young Sister Perrot; Georgette Leroy; Sister Vallet; Irma Delétang; Sister Louis; Sister Sheri Christofferson [blonde, standing]; Conchita Desquines, helping her little Charly mount the Lambretta; Charly Desquines; Sister Sarah Hess; Elder Dee Peterson [back by Sister Hess, mostly hidden]; my companion, Elder Clint Robins; [unrecognized boy–could be Jean-Pierre Leroy]; Elder Dave Halliday.
I took this nostalgic shot somewhat later than the early days reported in this part of the journal. I’m guessing early 1962. The branch had grown, and we had already moved from the Santé et Sobriété hall to the main salle of the Hôtel de France. On a nice Sunday, a few missionaries and members gathered in the courtyard, before Church services. Notice the blue Mobylette at left, and a couple of bicycles, belonging to members, and our two gray Lambrettas. Also the stained glass of our meeting room, depicting Charles VIII and Anne de Bretagne. Heard rumors that this building dated to the time of their union. Could be, but I wouldn’t bet much on it.
10-22 Attended Rennes Branch Priesthood Meeting and Sunday School. Two of the local brethren were at the first, while several sisters held Relief Society in the next room. We meet in the local Société de Sobriété et de Santé hall (approximately Alcoholics Anonymous — they like us!) There were about twenty-five people at Sunday School, and it was very enjoyable. The Spirit does indeed increase as
one goes further from the center of Zion and finds [12] small congregations of the genuinely pure in heart. The sweetness and humility and dignity of these people is almost incredible. And the cuteness and mannerliness and reverence — yes, reverence! — of their kids is something that our complacent members should see…

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