Journal June 30 - July 3, 1962
June 30 (continued)—In the afternoon, Elder Bennion and I took the “casserole” and headed for Angers with seven of our Priesthood brethren from the branch. With us came–you guessed it!–the Algerian. And what an Algerian! Over six feet tall, handsome as a movie star—exactly the sort of fellow who could divert a lot of the unwelcome attention that the nice young ladies lavish on the missionaries. On top of that, he comes across as humble, sincere, and full of faith.

The conference was terrific, though we were sorry that President Hinckley couldn’t come. President Kendall Young of the French Polynesian Mission presided [156], assisted by the two counselors in our mission presidency, Daniel Devillard and Elder George Skidmore. Our Elder Allen conducted the meetings, whose theme was “Priesthood.” In the general Priesthood meeting Saturday evening, Yves Daviron and Hubert Leroy each gave a fine talk, as did President Devillard. Later we had a recreational soirée during which Elder Eames, the Mission Secretary, and I slipped away to discuss branch record-keeping. But the door we took came out in the middle of the stage where they were running the skits. We tried to tiptoe through between sections, but we knocked over a chair and embarrassed ourselves. Didn’t get to bed until midnight, after taking people home. Stayed the night in the Hôtel de l’Univers.
Humble self,
Elder Haynie,
Elder “Stick”Hill,
Elder Halliday,
Elder Robins
July 1—Arose at 5:50, and by 8:15 had everything ready to baptize our Arab brother who’d missed his appointment yesterday. This was the most impressive baptism I’ve yet attended. Brother Desquines baptized him, and both wept afterwards. After his confirmation, Brother Tani (there’s part of his name, at least) asked if he could offer a prayer, which he did. It was very touching, and we were all moved: President Renaud, brother Desquines, Hubert Leroy, Yves Daviron, brother Tani, Elder Bennion, and I.

Then the general conference sessions, at which our youth choir sang, including about 80 young voices from the branches of Rennes, Le Mans, Nantes, Tours, and Angers. The kids sang with all their heart, and their music did a lot for the spirit of the gathering. I directed all of the music in the morning, and Elder Miller in the afternoon.
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