Journal August 10-15, 1962
August 10—Finished translating the letter yesterday morning, and Mme Raciné was kind enough to correct my version and to type the whole thing neatly on French Mission letterhead that I had among my supplies. While waiting, we visited the former restaurant Gaz on Quai Lammenais, and it seems that we may be able to rent it by the month.

It’s kinda remarkable how we found this possibility. Brother Winkel had asked me to take him to M Crespel again, but I took us by mistake to M Lefèvre’s staircase. Realizing my error, I told Brother Winkel and proposed that we go where we’d thought we were going. But Brother Winkel said no, something told him not to turn back and that we should go see Mr Rabasse of Mr Lefèvre’s office. And indeed it was this notary who [181] was in charge of the Gaz affair and who brought it to our attention.

Finally, after delivering the letter to M Guyon, Brother Winkel went to Villejean-Malifeu, took some photos, and left town in the early afternoon, ending four days of unusual labor. I’d never expected to be the chauffeur of a Mercedes, nor translator for a big Church leader who doesn’t speak French. But that’s what I’ve been doing for the past four days. Different, eh?
August 15—The French Republic observes this day each year as La Fête de la Jeunesse–Youth Day. They clearly want to make the point that they’re proud of their kids.

If these youngsters in Rennes seem less than enchanted with the observance this year, they might be responding to the unusually-gray summer day. …More, next page…
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