Journal August 15-22, 1962
August 15 (continued)—We attended the event of course: everybody did, and our duties required us to see crowds as opportunities.

The Leroys were there, moreover. No longer sure how many of them were actually in the parade, but Josette was.

Not clear why I didn’t write a journal entry about the occasion; so, the best I can do is to interpolate, nearly half a century later.

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August 19—Today I find myself again between monthiversaries: yesterday, I’d been in the mission field for ten months, and tomorrow will be my tenth monthiversary at Rennes. Elder Bennion keeps making noises about my imminent departure, but I’ll believe it when I see the telegram.

Last week was a bit less eventful than the one before. No visitations this week, neither from big cheeses from Paris nor from Amsterdam. [182] For all that, the director of the Cercle Paul-Bert has caused me a pile of work by responding in writing that he didn’t want to let us rent their hall in the rue de Paris for our conference on the 9th of September, because we’re a religious outfit. So we had to spend a lot of time hunting for another place. Now it seems as if we may be able to get the big hall of the Restaurant Gadby on the rue d’Antrain. We’ll know tomorrow.
August 22—The work’s going slowly, just now, because we’re so busy getting ready so that the district conference can happen here at Rennes. We’re set up to gather at the restaurant Lecoq-Gadby, but that’s going to cost 30,000 old francs ($60), which I find a bit expensive.
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