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By His Grace, and, I believe, not without a Purpose for the eternal welfare of my beloved family, the Lord has granted me to reside in some amazing places, over the past fourscore years. Paris, of course, would be hard to top. Both times. But for sheer duration and clear intent, I have to be most grateful for nearly half a century in beautiful, rocky New England, home (or at least jumping-off place) of thousands of my pioneer forebears and cousins through four hundred brilliant Octobers, thus far.

My Mammy, in her sweet diligence and celestial good will, was clearly forming some early notions of our treasures in this region when she sent me forth to look into the New England career of “Captain Robert Seely, the Pioneer”, and I’m sure she’s now surprised and delighted with what I found then under her tutelage and have continued to be dazzled by ever since. I remain overwhelmed, and I want you to catch the vision of what’s still out there to be found.
Our Cyndi, on a typical New England boulder,
perhaps on “Rattlesnake Mountain” in New Hampshire. Or, more likely, given her attire, at Middlesex Fells Reservation, bordering our neigboring community
of Winchester.
Today, in 2020, my findings are scattered through some 3400 pages of hypertext, and Mammy and Hepzibah* want me to pull it together for your delight, edification, and motivation, when the right time arrives in your own careers. No, I don’t mean to lay guilt on you because you have other important things to do at this stage of your progression, though I’ve been correctly accused of insensitivity in this regard. I’d passed my half-century, after all, before Hepzibah collared me. But the Lord does want your heart turned in this direction, in due time (as Pappy used to say), and He will guide your timing, if you let Him.

*…and Rick, my beloved and most helpful firstborn
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