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In this Quadricentennial Year of the arrival of the Mayflower at Cape Cod, we remember in particular our first two lines, chronologically speaking, of New England pioneers, the strongly-contrasting families headed by 9GGF Pilgrim Thomas Rogers and 9GGF Pilgrim Stephen Hopkins. Our descent from these honored ancestors continues through a fellow-Mayflower-passenger child of each: 8GGF Pilgrim Joseph Rogers and 8GGM Pilgrim Constance Hopkins (later Snow).
My Section entitled “MayflowerDescendants” offers ample facts and references and the opportunity, should you so choose, to sign up with your friendly neighborhood Society of Mayflower Descendants. After a decade as Secretary of the Utah Society, I do warmly recommend their fellowship. And if you’re in my line of descent, you qualify to piggy-back on it.

Rumors persist, by the way, that we have Alden heritage also, but I haven’t encountered any convincing particulars. And I’m not going to devote waning energy to the project, at this late stage of my researches. As I pull these stories together, in fact, I think I’ll now assign a new color in these pages to Your Turn assignments for you: interesting opportunities that I have encountered and, having perforce left incomplete, shall now leave to my survivors, so that you can share in my sense of satisfaction at having brought new shared glories to our family’s attention. Until I change my mind, how about this nice green, denoting a “green light” for continuing progress?
While we’re here, I’ll just mention that I’ve been tempted to look into some of the Mayflower research that the Quadricentennial has stimulated, particularly into the English origins of our Pilgrim families. I’ve stacked up some fine publications unread, and any inheritor who might be moved to enhance my Mayflower Section with such insights will earn my posthumous gratitude.
Although the Mayflower he came on arrived ten years after the famous one, it makes sense to bring up here the line headed by 8GGF Thomas Willett, too. He resigned, after all, as Deputy Governor of the Plymouth Colony so that he could serve as the first Mayor of New York City.
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