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Figure 2. Harvard Square, Cambridge, 2000 A.D.
Wadsworth House, a former official residence of the Presidents of Harvard College and briefly the home and headquarters of Washington in July, 1775, still stands in 8GGF James Olmstead’s homestall. His son Nicholas Olmstead, our 7GGF, set up his home near the current location of the Lampoon Castle.

9GGF John Benjamin was Constable of Cambridge in 1633, before the Town was chartered. His estate included six river-front acres. In 1636, “Mr. Benjamin’s house burnt, and £100 in goods lost.” He subsequently removed to Watertown and died 14 June 1645.

In 1636, the Colony chartered Harvard College and put its headquarters in Homestall #3, between Hooker’s and James Olmstead’s. The pedigree chart in Figure 3 shows how we are descended from these four pioneers and their wives.
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