2004—Castle & Kelly’s
Harvard Square would be incomplete, of course, without the Lampoon Castle. From which one might conclude that the Boys’ Trade School on the Charles has not been the only institution to visit strangeness upon the community. The Little Red Schoolhouse on Mass Ave has also done its bit. 0257LampoonCastlew
Nothing weird, on the other hand, about this institution on Revere Beach, ten miles to the north and east of The Squayah. Kelly’s has long prospered as the finest purveyor of fried clams and kindred delectables in an extended area with lots of capable competition for that title.
One distinctive memory has to do with fighting some very aggressive gulls for one’s clams. You’ll note that Kelly’s has never provided its customers tables, nor shelter, nor defensive armaments.

We were startled, on this visit, to find that Kelly’s has branched out. Its succursale in Somerville actually boasts a drive-thru facility!
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