Harvard 1966-67

So, finally, we three arrived back home in Cambridge. This entrance from Mass Ave to Harvard Yard is Shepard Gate, by the way, named appropriately for the Reverend Thomas Shepard, first established minister of the New Towne as it became Cambridge, in the 1630s. As I’ve learned only since 1966, the Reverend Thomas was also my eighth-great-uncle, and the two properties adjacent to his eponymous Gate belonged originally (1635) to his father-in-law, my eighth great-grandfather the Reverend Thomas Hooker and to yet another eighth great-grandfather, James Olmstead.

We “forty-eighted” with our kind friends Gael and Laurel Ulrich, at their home in Newton. They wouldn’t have kicked us out at the expiration of the two-day hospitality period, but we wanted to respect the tradition. So, when we hadn’t yet found a place, we called up our dear old Beacon Street landlady, Miss Krauss, who kindly let us occupy our former digs for another night or so.
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