2004—Childs children
In 1778, as our Revolution raged elsewhere, Abijah and Sarah Childs, distant relatives of ours, suffered terribly under some unspecified contagion. In less than two weeks, they lost three sons and three daughters, aged from almost-three to thirteen. This family monument attests both to their sorrow and to their prosperity. It has always moved me. I already had images but couldn’t resist snapping another on this occasion. In case you can’t read it:
Sarah Childs Died August 28th 1778 Aged 13 years 8 months & 11 days
Eunice Childs Died August 23d 1778 Aged 12 years 3 months & 8 Days
Abijah Childs Died Sept 6th 1778 Aged 11 years and 37 Days
Abigail Childs Died August 29th 1778 Aged 7 years 7 months & 11 Days
Benjn Childs Died August 24th 1778 Aged 4 years 9 months & 8 Days
Moses Childs Died August 19th 1778 Aged 3 years wanting 8 Days.
This Monument is Erected to the Memory of 6 Children
      of Mr Abijah Childs & Mrs Sarah his wife
Meanwhile, half a continent away, our 21st-century family had contrasting cause to rejoice.

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