2004—Boston: Lexington tombs
We spent the rest of June on our old home ground, staying on Winter Hill in Somerville with Chris and Mary Beth, enjoying their delightful company and cuisine, and learning to play spades.

While they were at work at the Angell Memorial Hospital (he ran their computers, and she dispatched the scary enforcement officers), we revelled in the Boston ambience, and I bicycled around on Hepzibah, yet again, to various family-historical locations.
My collection of photos from the Old Lexington Burial Ground needed some improvements. In particular, I wanted a better collective view of these tombs, in the first of which rests my cousin whose monument identifies him as Colonel William Munroe1.
1It’s said that he never let his guests at the Munroe Tavern go to bed without hearing how he had shushed Paul Revere on the night of the Eighteenth of April in ’Seventy-Five.
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