2006—Reunion—A Fluffalo1 Hike!
6457wMattCyn 6430wValZan
The Lagoon** amusement park in neighboring Farmington maintains
a rather slanty but paved and verdant hiking trail up a hillside,
with the extra attraction, of a few tame-looking buffalo. Someof us hiked, some rode.

Hepzibah***, Toad and I enjoyed the outing…
…and Maggie, the berries

*That’s what Mammy would say when she’d see a cow, as we drove across the country in 1957.
**They say that little I called it “Galoon.”
***This may be the best pic I have of me on my beloved Hepzibah: a black 1993 Bridgestone from Farina Cycles in Newton Corner. They no longer make ’em, alas; just tires. Double-alas, I no longer ride ’em, since they told me I wasn’t going to get better.
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