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A couple of hundred yards west of historic Lexington Green, between the current Unitarian and Catholic churches, lies the town’s Old Burying Ground. The red circle shows the location of the gravestones of 8GGF William “The Immigrant” Munroe and 8GGM Mary Ball Munroe, our two direct ancestors here.

Our Uncle (7G) John Munroe, son of Grandpa William and his first wife, Martha George, donated in 1692 the first of the Ground’s four sections, visible here in the foreground of the right half of the panorama, extending back about as far as the end of the white fence. Our Grandma Mary, his stepmother, died in that year and was among the first to be buried here.

In those days, of course, the town of Lexington was the Cambridge Farms Precinct of the Town of Cambridge. It became Lexington by incorporation in 1715, when some of our relatives were instrumental in building the necessary church and hiring the Reverend John Hancock to preach in it.

At least a third of those buried here are either our blood kin or closely allied to us by marriage. The maps on the next three pages identify many of them, in case you should be moved to pay your respects.

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