2002: The Barron House
Startled to notice this, while biking in Belmont. The sign says “Ellis Barron House circa 1668.” Hearsay has it that nothing visible from the outside survives unaltered from Ellis’ day. When he built it, this was Watertown; now it’s Belmont, ever since they invented Belmont in 1859.

My eleventh great-grandfather Ellis Barron (1605-1676) was a founder of Watertown in 1630. If they have the date right, this could have been his house, late in life. Or it might have belonged to his son, my eleventh great-uncle Ellis Barron (1633-1712). The father died in Watertown; the son, born in Watertown, died in Lancaster (a family Treasure City I’d like to live long enough to document adequately)

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