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…of Concord, Lancaster, Acton, Carlisle, and Hillsborough
We lost two consecutive Wheeler grandfathers to 17th-century Indian massacres, twenty years apart, in the frontier town of Lancaster, Massachusetts:
  • 9GGF Richard Wheeler, on 9 February 1675/6,1 and his son

  • 8GGF Abraham Wheeler, on 11 October 1695.
We have a deed of “Abraham Wheeler of Lancaster in ye Countie of midlesex of ye massachusets Colloney in New England yeoman,” by which he, “with ye Assent and Consent of Tabitha my Beloved Wife”, exchanged for two oxen “thirtie two acres” in Lancaster, “it being part of the third Devission upland appertaining to agrement of my parte & Portion of ye land and estate of my honed father Richard Wheeler Deceased.” This transaction was dated “this seventeenth day of January Anno Dom:/ one thousand six hundred nintie foure nintie five:” The next October, Abraham was shot by an Indian one Sabbath morning while going between the fort and his house. Although mortally wounded he succeeded in wrestling the gun from the Indian and ran with it toward the fort until he was met by a party who went out to his relief. At the same time his wife Tabitha Wheeler was taken prisoner by the Indians.

1In the same disaster that killed our 9GGF John Ball, his second wife, and their baby.

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