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That’s all the record says, but then that’s all it needs to say. With this official action, the Town of Watertown told Mary Ball that she was no longer welcome in the community of her birth and that the Town would provide her no support, of any kind.

It’s particularly poignant, for this descendant, to note that the Town Fathers delegated Thomas Flagg and John Bigelow* to deliver the message. Bigelow is my ninth great-grandfather, on another ancestral line, and Flagg is a more distant kinsman through a number of marriage connections.

*One could devote a page to the many and various renderings of this ancestor’s family name. His parents were Randall and Jane Baguley of Baguley, of the vicinity of Manchester, England. They never came to the New World. His sister Elizabeth did, however; she married a Butler and joined (eighth great-grandpa) Thomas Hooker in founding Hartford, before Connecticut was. We’re also descended, separately, from the Butlers. Other family members rendered the name as Bagley.

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