Miracle and Disaster
…we’ve just found this little boy (10 weeks old or so) whose papers had slipped down in the back of the file drawer. His origins are Protestant, and all of our adopters who want boys are Catholic. The law1 leaves us with nowhere to put him! Would you like to meet him?”

So we went down to South Huntington Street and went through all the get-acquainted routine. Then they said, “Normally, there’s a two-week waiting period before we let you say yea or nay. But in your case…” Valerie pulled a little outfit out of her bag, started to put it on him, and declared: “His name is Erik.”

Not sure whether it was in this conversation or in another that a friend at the Wanderers characterized our experience as “enough to make you believe in God.”
1The laws of Massachusetts have changed since, but in those days only Catholic families could adopt kids from Catholic birth-parents; same deal for Protestants and Jews. As in the military, you had to be identified as one of the three. And as in the military, we Mormons got force-fit by Procrustean definition into the Protestant compartment. Where, as we and the Protestants agree, we don’t fit.
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