1978—Summer Camping
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These came back with Rick from Camp Quinapoxet in Rindge, New Hampshire. The blond lad next to him, if I’m not mistaken, was the friend he called “the Blizzard”, Mike Ence, son of my great yokefellow Bill (Don William) Ence of Worcester. Bill was (likely still is) one of the most talented and lovable leaders of youth I’ve ever known.
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And these show a junior slice of our offspring in our beloved Clearwater Campground at Meredith, New Hampshire. A couple of schoolteachers ran the place, at Lake Pemigewasset, and we returned there, year after year. Behind Debbie and Justin, the side of our Starcraft pop-up tent trailer. We bought it second-hand, jointly with Pekka Roto, who was visiting from Finland. When the Rotos returned home, we bought out their share. Behind Rebecca and Raggedy Ann, the front of Brunnhilde.
The lake boasted what we called Blueberry Island, because one could (and we did) paddle our inflatable out there to harvest high-bush blueberries that hung out over the water. Added them generously to pancakes frizzled in an excess of bacon grease over our campfire. Unforgettable.
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