Descendants: Rebecca & Mark
Rebecca Leola Anderson
Mark Krumholz
Rebecca Leola Anderson
Born 25 May 1976 in Boston
Born 25 May 1976 in Boston
Rejected nickname “Muffin”
At Timbaloo, with Grandpa Floyd
At Concord Bridge, with Grandpa Floyd
Saw Floyd & Doris off at Logan Airport
Christmas card, 1976
Christmas letter, 1976
1977—Our Current Toddler
25 May 1977—First birthday
Accompanied my Church travels, once
Christmas card, 1977
Christmas letter, 1977
29 May 1978—Justin!
Birthday Parade
1978—Summer—Jungle Gym
1978—Between the Winters
First popcorn
At 17 months
Christmas 1978
Christmas card, 1978
Christmas letter, 1978
1979—The Birthday Parade
Home-made frock by glass table
By fireplace with little brother
1979—…and Out
Georges Island
Georges Island
At the Beach
Christmas morning
Christmas card, 1979
Christmas letter, 1979
Kids enjoyed cousin-proximity
Brent & Crew
Kids enjoyed cousin-proximity
“Terrible Twins” with Marc
Returned to 115 Beacon Street
1980—January portraits
1980—Muffin ’n’ ficus—dress made by Granny Jorgenson
1980—May birthdays
In family room with Valerie
Christmas morning
Christmas morning
Christmas letter, 1980
Christmas letter, 1980
1981—Grandma’s Ninetieth!
1981—February portrait
Birthday Five
Christmas 1981
Christmas 1981, at the hospital
Christmas card, 1981
Christmas letter, 1981
Pushing Van Wiggle
1982—Church History Sites
1982—Niagara and Gettysburg
1982—Reunion in Batesville
Stairstep family portrait in Batesville
Granny & Karen Visit
Sixth birthday
Six, first grade
1982—Ward Christmas Party
…Christmas morning
Christmas letter, 1982
Christmas letter, 1983
With Great-Grandma Anderson
Talent Show Birthday (7)
1983 School: grade 1
With dahlias from Asher Spector
With Joey
Hairdo ‘n’ Flutterby
Crystal, Kelly, Karen, Becky, Floyd, Wade, Justin, Valerie
Crystal, Kelly, Karen, Becky, Wade, Scott, Justin
Debbie’s Tenth birthday
Age 7, grade 2
The ritual at the door, Christmas morning
Christmas morning
Christmas letter, 1984
Soccer Star
Off to school
Portrait behind couch
Christmas letter, 1985
Age 10, grade 4
Off to school
Christmas letter, 1986
Boston Lying-In
Rick Returns!
Chris’ Graduation
Christmas card, 1987
Christmas letter, 1987
Age 12, grade 6
Christmas card, 1988
Christmas letter, 1988
Fifteenth birthday
Delighted with bears
Christmas card, 1989
Christmas letter, 1989
Reception line
Debbie’s sixteenth birthday
Christmas morning
Christmas letter, 1990
In camp
Christmas card, 1991
Christmas letter, 1991
Auntie Rebecca
Wedding reception for Cyndi and Ron
Christmas letter, 1992
Entry hall group
Christmas letter, 1993
Maggie and kin
Christmas letter, 1994
Bryan, on Labor Day
Ignored her mother’s desires for warm-weather wedding
Olsen Reception
Christmas letter, 1995
Chris & Mary Beth nuptials
Head table
Gathering in the Parlor
Gathering in the entry hall
Christmas letter, 1996
Christmas letter, 1997
Justin, Chris, Mary Beth, Rebecca
Valerie, Rick, Rebecca, Merielle
The Ralstons of Charlotte
Rebecca of the Bogs
Christmas letter, 2000
Reunion Portrait
Reunion at Timbaloo
Harvard Forest
Christmas letter, 2001
Christmas letter, 2002
A Precious Juxtaposition
Talent Show
Christmas letter, 2004
Christmas letter, 2005
Married in New Jersey, 29 December 2007
Reunion portrait
Portrait with Mark
Plantagenet ancestry
Mark Krumholz
Married in New Jersey, 29 December 2007
Talent Show
Christmas letter, 2004
Christmas letter, 2005
Reunion portrait
Portrait with Rebecca
Moved to Australia

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