1976: Rebecca!
Rebecca, brand new…
…and two months old, at home.
Rebecca Leola Anderson, our third and final beautiful daughter and our official Bicentennial Baby, arrived at Boston Lying-In on May 25, joining Erik and Chris as the third of our eventual four May babies. Of our brood, she started out smallest and had some trouble breathing. They kept her in an incubator for a while, and she came out fine. Her mother’s pneumonia didn’t help the situation, but she, too, mended, thank the Lord.

We called her Becky, when she was little. I came to refer to her as Muffin and to speak of her as my very favorite breadstuff. When she got big enough to object, she did. Nowadays, she’s Rebecca.
P0006879 N601704Rebecca
Later, and happier.
No, I have never been good at keeping my eyes open for the camera.
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