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Our “special times” were normally one-on-one, and as specified by the younger participant. Especially on weekends, however, and especially in the interest of the living aspects of family history, I’d sometimes design a group outing to a special place. I think Valerie was otherwise occupied, this Saturday morning.
P0006134 Here we see a center slice of our progeny: Debbie Cyndi Rebecca, and Chris, on the steps of 115 Beacon Street, in Boston’s Back Bay, across the Charles River, “where your mom and dad lived, the first year we were married.” I took them around back, of course, so that they could see our courtyard and the alleyway entrance to the Sieve and Crockery Jar. I think we tried to call on Miss Krauss, for purposes of introductions, but she wasn’t in.

The neighborhood afforded other attractions, in 1980 as in 1964, with the Public Garden and the Esplanade nearby.
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