2001—The Climax Year
Was 2001 that much more eventful for us than other years? If we were to judge by the sheer volume and variety of the family photographic record, we’d have to say so. It did include this wonderful reunion that assembled all our blood descendants born thus far—a blessing we would experience only once more in this life—and which, although we didn’t know it at the time, marked our farewell1 to our beloved Timbaloo.

I’ll devote the next page to a tabular listing of our travels, visits, joys, and researches in that last year before the bottom fell out, as revealed by the dates on the pictures we took. Thanks to hypertext, that table may be useful as an index, for anybody who may care to consult it.
1As I sit here, moistening my keyboard in what must be a corrosive manner, I don’t know whether I’ll have the strength and composure to put together a chapter for the dreadful year 2002.
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