1992—Cyndi and Ron
P0006241w Our Cyndi became Mrs Ronald Philip Ralston on December 19th,1 in the Salt Lake Temple. Then, inevitably, a reception in Utah, mainly for our western family and the Ralston, BYU, and other Utah connections, followed by another in the Belmont chapel “cult hall”, just as for Rick and Laura, to accommodate our Eastern ones.
Since this is my story, I’ll interject that I was in great pain throughout these exercises. Not just because I loathe conventional fripperies as a matter of principle, but also because my hereditary lumbar spondylolysis had begun to impinge on the nerves that control my right leg, rendering extended standing nothing short of excruciating. But this was my Be-bop, on her big day, even with its ancillary formalities. And so, as she so fetchingly and characteristically counsels, I sucked it up and toughed it out. Can you tell from my stolid expression, below? She insists now that I should have said something, but…
1Valerie had urged, pleaded, taught, cajoled—everything imaginable to induce our kids to schedule their weddings for times of warm weather and easy transportation. Y’know, like maybe June? Rick, with the responsible attitude of the firstborn, set a good example; Chris and Mary Beth would later take advantage of a lovely New England autumn. But our three darling girls…
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