1973: Cambridge Ward Mission Leader
Just reckoned it up: if you count each undergraduate autumn as a separate move-in, I personally became a member of the Cambridge Branch or Ward seven times: in 1958, 1959, 1960, 1964, 1966, 1969, and 1973. Wonder whether anybody beats my record…

They finally got rid of me in 1984 by building the Belmont Chapel and reorganizing the old Cambridge (I and II, by that time), Lynnfield, and Weston Wards into the new Arlington (“The One True Ward”), Belmont, and Cambridge Wards. As Stake Clerk in 1984, moreover, I had the very mingled honor of drawing up several drafts of the official boundary map. Later, in the 1990s, I think, the Boston Stake grew and was divided into Boston and Cambridge Stakes, with the various Cambridge congregations included in the latter.
So, in 1973, we returned successfully to our Church home: the Cambridge Ward of the Boston Stake. As mentioned earlier, while residing (only a few miles) away, we’d enjoyed some blessings that tend to belong distinctively to frontier settings (the “mission field,” in Utah parlance) in the Restored Kingdom: big geography and small, inexperienced, impecunious congregations. The length of our drive from home to meetinghouse stayed much the same (six or seven miles), but our share of the leadership burden went down sharply.

Valerie slipped easily into familiar roles with the little kids in the Primary. At some point (I’m fuzzy on the chronology), she was called to teach Gospel Doctrine in Sunday School. She came to cherish the assignment, once she got used to the idea. She reminds me that she’d never before taught men. I was assigned once again as Ward Mission Leader.
Rick, Dylan, Erik, Chris, Cindy

With Dylan Porter
(see the Christmas Letter) on the steps of the Cambridge Chapel at Longfellow Park

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