1973: Timbaloo!
We learned, eventually, that we were the third owners of our Timbaloo. Old neighbors referred to it as the “Butler Mansion”: Tom Butler had inherited his father’s junk business, promptly sold out, built the house in 1907, and lived there the rest of his life. After Butler and his wife died (childless, although some relatives lived with them from time to time), it came into the hands of the Mahairas family; they owned a local Greek restaurant. They upgraded the utilities, added the rear porch, and left it to us freshly re-plastered (no wallboard, thank the Lord).


The mortgage plot plans of our Burlington and Arlington properties, shown at approximately the same scale.
At 20,000 square feet, the Hearthstone Drive lot was nearly twice the size of Timbaloo’s, although that’s not entirely obvious from the illustrations. Our “new” house was bigger, with seven bedrooms on 2½ stories, and we now had our first garage. The Arlington back yard, though only about a third as large as its predecessor, was still the biggest in the neighborhood, and when we had to move, it turned out to be a major selling point for the property.
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