1976—High Council
…previous Church assignment: Cambridge Ward Mission Leader (1973)
The Christmas letter mentions that I was called, late in this bicentennial year, to serve on the Boston Stake High Council. That needs some context.
L Tom Perry, now (2011) second in seniority in the Church’s governing Quorum of Twelve Apostles, served as our very innovative* Stake President in the late 1960s and early 1970s. When he was called back to Salt Lake, we wondered who could possibly follow such a powerful act as his. The answer: old friend and Cambridge hand Richard Lyman Bushman, who combines (in company with his Claudia) intellect, charm, and spirituality in ample measure.

L Tom Perry
Richard Lyman Bushman**

Richard inherited a high council, some of whose members dated back more than a decade, into the days of Bill Cox’s Atlantic District. Always seemed to an observer (this one, at least) that the District Council was where you put old branch presidents to pasture, after you’d squeezed them dry at the working level of the congregation.

A year or so into his presidency, Richard turned that tradition on its head: he

*Rumor said that some in Salt Lake referred to the Boston Stake in these days as the “Ford Stake,” ‘cause we always had a better idea.
**“Borrowed” these nice mug-shots from web-sites; hope nobody gets mad.
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