Cambridge Branch
When I arrived in Cambridge in 1958, the Longfellow Park meetinghouse of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was only a couple of years old. At the time, it housed only the large, amazing, idiosyncratic Cambridge Branch of the Atlantic District of the New England Mission and served as the Mission’s headquarters office. It was the only LDS chapel in greater Boston, although other branches in outlying areas served smaller clusters of Church members, mostly (like me) transplants from the West.

In those days, when we had a young couple ready for Temple marriage for time and eternity, we would bring them to the new Cambridge chapel and marry them civilly, for time only, so that they could with propriety travel together to the nearest Temple. The choices then were London or Salt Lake City. London was closer and cheaper, but most kids went to Salt Lake, for the convenience of their families.

My Church activity centered here throughout my first three years at MIT, and also later when we lived in Belmont and Arlington, until the Belmont chapel was completed.

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