2 March 1977—Cindy’s Fifth
… not to be confused, of course, with Beethoven’s
That looks like Valerie’s big toe. Hope she remembers the name of this dark-haired cutie.
In the group on the parlor floor: Emily Maitland, Tarryn Williams,* the aforementioned nameless cutie, Amy Maitland, Cyndi (no, she still spelled it Cindy, in those days), Matthew-from-across-Ashland-Street, our own Toad.
*Gordon and DeeDee Williams got married about the same time as we did, and they had Jeffrey; then we had Rick; then they had Christopher (“’Pher”); we adopted Erik; they had Jonathan; we had Chris; they had a family council: “Between us and the Andersons, can’t we come up with anything but BOYS?” So they held off for a while. But when we had Cyndi, they took heart and had Tarryn. Then we had a girl, and they had a girl, and we had a girl, and they had a girl, and then we had Justin. “Oops! That’s all,” said Gordon and DeeDee…or so we suppose.
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