Erik, toddler
P7012.jpg Before we got to meet Norma or any of her family, we had a big family event in Belmont:
May 7, 1969: Erik is one year old, and he goes right after the flame on his single candle.
He looks older than his 13 months, in this silhouette, wouldn’t you say? I’d have assigned it a later date, had the artist been less specific. Rick has the original of the one we had done of him at the same sitting, and I don’t seem to own a scan of it. Always amazed at the artistry: there’s no question who they are or which is which. How do you wield a pair of scissors to such effect?
We found his multi-bonneted creativity impressive and amusing. Foreshadowing, perhaps, graphical and imaginative talents that would appear a couple of years later. We didn’t know enough to perceive in some of his early divergent behaviors the seeds—or at least omens—of sorrows to come.
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