3-8: Harvard 1969-71
4187fewWe4.jpg So we returned to the United States on 14 January, 1969. Between that day and my Harvard Commencement on 17 June, 1971, we and ours grew, learned, and prospered. Even with the simultaneous constraints of school, employment, and Church assignments, we did find time to enjoy ourselves and each other in Belmont and in les champs alentour, and we received with thankfulness a great variety of blessings, which I’ll treat in the context of concurrent subtopics:
3-81 Home again
Back in Belmont
  Christmas 1969
  Christmas 1970
On to Burlington
  Christmas 1971

3-82 A Growing Family
Pappy and Norma
  Chris & Gary
  Dave & Sue
  Lynne & Vince
Brent and Janet
Erik, cute toddler, legally ours
Erik sealed
Chris born

3-83 Back to work
Abt Associates
Reality Gap

3-84 Back to school
  The Book Award
  Presenting the Book Award

3-85 Back to church
A Seventy
Merrimack Stake
Billerica Ward
A month later, two days before my impending birthday, we sent a newsy tape-letter to the folks and to Brent: [click to hear it]
Home again A growing family Back to work Back to school Back to church
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Harvard 69-71
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