A growing family
While we settled back into our niche in Massachusetts, Pappy went to Provo and plugged himself into the very active local Senior Singles Scene.1 Just two months later, on March 13, he married Norma, a former acquaintance from his college days at the Brigham Young University.
1The Church had a strong program of support for this population segment. They referred to it (or perhaps to them) by a peculiar euphemism: “Special Interests.” Don’t think that’s what they call its successor, these days.
As I reported earlier, Pappy told us that Mammy always said, “If anything happens to me, I want you to remarry right away. I wouldn’t want to feel I’d failed to make marriage a necessity to you.” His loneliness brought us all back from France sooner, I believe, than we would otherwise have been released.
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(Christmas 1971)
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