The staff also very sweetly ginned up this “transfer letter” for our little boys. José Muñoz (“le Cochon”—our “Compagnon de la première classe”) signed it, but nobody pretends that it embodied his pretty-much-nonexistent English.

Valerie and I each received a similar letter, similarly signed, indicating that we were now to labor out of the “Belmont Apartment” as Member Missionary co-companions.
Pappy told us, with a chuckle, that José had come into his office to empty the wastebasket (“la poubelle”—don’t you love it?) and, on his way out, paused by the desk, grinned at the President, and intoned, “Hang eet een your ear!”. Current slang.

Unclear just who on the Staff put him up to it, but again it was clearly not José’s idea. Kinda nice to perceive that they knew Pappy’d be amused, not offended. President Hinckley would have been more shocked; knowing that, we’d never have initiated such a gag, back de mon vivant.
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