Can’t come up with a plausible overarching logic for these, other than that I can’t bear to leave them out. Nor their associated stories.
We have better pictures of Rick and Genevieve, but this is our best shot of the map of Brittany (in Breton) on the wall behind him. Valerie became proficient with a product called Mod Podge, with which she mounted several printed items I had brought back from France and presented them to me as much-treasured gifts.
2752fe Elder Stewart and Elder Dumas, one of many pairs of missionaries who dined at Timbaloo, over the years. It was later visitors, I think, whom our three adorable daughters embarrassed at the table with lively, impromptu recitations of songs and gags from “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.” We got decorously close to some of these displaced brethren, but I don’t think our girls ever distressed them with inappropriate romantic overtures. Unlike the daughters of some families I had to deal with in my Mission Presidency capacity,
Not sure of the occasion, but Cindy was pleased with the gift. Looks like a backpack.
This one’s just sweet.
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