Snow and Heartquists
You’ve heard of the “crowded-rat phenomenon:” give rats too little space, and they start doing untoward things like chewing the fur off each other’s little paws. Well, they do appear to be hiding their hands, in some of these pictures. But we noticed welcome behavioral improvements, when we moved from two to four bedrooms. And, as Valerie reminds me, from a third floor walk-up to half an acre.
P0006310 N601334SnowBoys
Our new digs looked like this, when we arrived at the turn of the New Year. The kids enjoyed the lovely, wooded back yard, even before the snow receded. The boy you don’t yet recognize is David Heartquist; he lived across the street with his parents, Vic and Frances.
N601335DavidRickSnow P0006309
I was working in the garden one spring day, when five-year-old Rick approached with Vic and David. We’d been doing etiquette in our family home evenings, and he wanted some practice with introductions: “Dad, I’d like you to meet Mister Heartquist; Mistah Haahtquist, this is my fahthah.”

Vic nearly fell over laughing; I was already on the ground. Rick didn’t understand what was so funny: he’d merely addressed each of us in our own tongue…
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