1970—another big year
P0006551wRick70.jpg Rick enrolled in kindergarten at Belmont’s Butler Elementary school, just a block down Sycamore Sidewalk, in September, 1970. He’d complete that school year in Burlington; here’s his first school photo. Valerie says I can’t count his time at the Bilingual Pre-school in Paris as a third (no, first) kindergarten experience.

This was the year of our Chris’ birth; we moved to Burlington; I finished school (although Commencement wasn’t ’til next year); Rick turned 5 (we’re still looking for photos of the occasion; can’t imagine we didn’t take any); lots and lots happened, on several fronts. Again, many of the details fall under the subtopics: Family, Work, School, and Church, which come later in this section. Here, in overview mode, I’ll just jump to our last Christmas in Belmont and the move to Burlington, and then we’ll move on to all the ways our family grew.
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