P0006710 March 2: Cindy is Three!

 Once you were two, dear birthday friend,
 In spite of purple weather.
 Now you are three, and near the end,
 As we grew some together.

 How forthful thou, forsooth, for you,
 For soon you will be more!
 But ’fore one can be three, be two;
 Before be five, be four.

  — Walt Kelly

Not sure this was the first occasion on which I quoted this to a newly-three-year-old. It wouldn’t be the last.
May 7:
Erik’s Seventh!

A very creative cake. Thought at first it represented a snowman, but then Valerie made clear that it was an elephant. Of course: Erik had a fixation on pachyderms. We’d go to the zoo, and he’d boing on the baby elephant. When we returned from taking in the rest of the animal kingdom, he’s still be staring at the baby elephant. Sometimes he’d ask us to wipe his trunk…
Can’t immediately identify any pictures of Chris’ fifth birthday, on the 18th; nor Rick’s tenth, on September 28. The pile, though, still holds secrets: when they turn up, I’ll insert them.
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