1984—What We Looked Like
Several portraits of family members and groups survive from this year, but I need to invest some solid work in scanning and sorting. Here, as a place holder, are a few that may belong here, or perhaps to other years.

Cyndi confirms that this shot records her lovely sixth-grade (1983-84) self, with her first bike at the head of the driveway, by the back porch. Note the bricks that would become the walk between the garden and the east (Ashland Street) side of the house. Can’t recall how we lost that panel in the garage door. And the drain in the driveway was a whole story unto itself.
Justin on the front porch,
with Daniel(s) Street extending behind him
to a distant glimpse of Mass Ave at far left.
Rebecca and Justin in California,
probably in their Jorgenson grandparents’ front yard
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