1978—The Blizzard
P0006412 The snow and wind had pretty much tapered off, but Governor Mike Dukakis had ordered all roads closed except to emergency vehicles; it would be weeks before Brunnhilde could legally leave our driveway.

Must admit it was tough, slow going, and the blind girl and her friend were glad to find an old, traditional hotel (which I’ve been unable to identify since) a bit more than half-way along our route. We all went in and found the dark lobby (the power was out) crammed with fugitives like ourselves. In a true spirit of hospitality, the uniformed hotel staff circulated in the crowd, bearing candles, tea, and something like what our Brit friends call biscuits. Our blind companion was perfectly at home in the darkness; she and her friend stayed there, while the professor and I pushed on after a little rest.
Finally made it to the subway station, where we shook hands and wished each other well, and he continued toward his Back Bay home. The T carried me to Park Street and then to Harvard without further mishap (and without asking for the usual fare). Emerged to a truly startling sight: Harvard Square with no traffic, unless you count a couple of police cars and the odd snowplow.

Five miles to go. Recall, if you please, that I was wearing (really inadequate) plastic shoes, a light overcoat, no gloves, and no hat. Carrying a briefcase. Did have my sunglasses, thank the Lord. Well, the plows had moved or compacted the snow on Mass Ave, and I was all alone as I trudged up the middle of the road as far as Porter Square, where a pleasant fellow offered me a ride on his snowplow.
He dropped me off in the middle of Appleton Street, right in front of Timbaloo, bless his gizzard. Where, of course, my three faithful sons were throwing snowballs at each other in the general vicinity of the unshovelled stairs. Climbing them (the stairs, not yet the sons) resembled swimming more than walking, but I did arrive at last, weary, cold, and famished.
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