“Sunken Heights,” 1945-6
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And here’s Mammy, seated in the sunny back yard, by the dining-room bay, with me, Janet (I think that was her name — the neighbor’s daughter of my age, in any case), and Brent.
When Janet and I played, she always wanted to play house. When we did, she insisted on being “Mid.” I was adamant that there was no such name. She said she’d be “Mid” if she wanted to be “Mid.” So there.
P8635w Since early post-War days, the owners have extended the south end of the house, moved the side door to the rear, and installed a big car-port on the south. The place seems to function as a duplex, these days. I knocked on the front door but got no response.

At left, another backyard scene, from the only winter (1945-46) we spent in Sunset, featuring us two boys and the “tenda.”
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