Christmas Greetings, 1959
I don’t recall that Mammy ever made a connection between my new full-lotus skills and their adumbration of sixteen or so years before. Brent approaches the scene with just about the right level of dignity and solemnity. Bébé sports my MIT decal in her rear window. A heady and largely happy time.
Our Mammy’s leadership skills and take-charge propensities occasionally played her false, as in this visit to Brigham City, where she went in and started giving orders and making arrangements without first ascertaining whether anybody had already done the necessary. Others had, and we lived through some confusion and minor hurt feelings.

I can still feel guilt, this long (half a century) after the fact at the fuzzy recollection that I was less than charitable, patient, and supportive in my reaction to the episode. I comfort myself that one of Mammy’s many abilities was (and doubtless is still) forgiveness.
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