Speaking of Birthday Rebecca, here’s Cousin Becca, also in our dining room, also with a cake, flanked by Big Brother Nathan and Little Brother Marc. At this late date, I’d have to look up their birthdays, but suffice it that they came to visit, and we combined their celebrations. If I count correctly, blue candles were for Marc, pink (of course) for Becca, and yellow for Nathan. Note, moreover, that the kids are color-coded accordingly.

Seeing all those candles, I thought at first that we were holding another party for Grandma, who was still among us, living in Clearfield with Ruth and Jim, until 1986. But even that multicolor wax forest doesn’t quite manage to capture the spirit of her 92 years.
Parenthetically, we had been amused to note that in 1980, when Brent and Company lived just down the street, the Cyrus E Dallin School of Arlington was graced with TWO cute pupils named Rebecca Anderson, one of them quite blonde. And that in a town with only three Anderson households and relatively few card-carrying blondes. Clearly not a Utah situation.
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